Echoes of New Year : 200cc (Dec 31st)
The End of Everything : Arachne Press Shortest Day, Longest Night anthology
Tigg Montague's Ponzi Pyramid Scheme : Liars' League Light & Dark, read by Clive Greenwood
Last Man (Recording) : from Liars League PDX, 'East&West', read by Aundré Barnes and broadcast by Literary Arts
MuseBlyant Publishing, BLÆKK Issue 3 (Solitude), with Author reading
The Painted Platform : Shadows of the Oak, Tenebris Books

I, Igor : Gallery of Curiosities Podcast
The Burden : Roane Publishing Flash Fridays
The King's Computer : Arachne Press Liberty Tales anthology (with author readings)
Stalemate : The Story Sessions, Brockley Deli Author reading
Dr Who Drabbles : A TimeLord for Change charity anthology, from Chinbeard Books

Sicko : The Masters Review Micro Ghost Stories
ChiaroscuroFirewords Quarterly issue 7 'Light&Dark'
Seven Ships : A Digital Fiction QuickFic
Born to Ruin : Olympic Drabble on ShortTale Review
Romero & Juliet : Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue 4 (Amazon)
Bring RopeOn The Premises 'Darkness' contest (2nd Place!)

Gean Cánach : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Monsters,  read by Bernadette Russell
Time Trial : CosmicRoots And Eldritch Shores (Subscription site)
Spectrum : Swords&Steam anthology, FlameTree's Gothic series
Scarecrow : Blyant Publishing BLÆKK Issue 2 (Fear)
Last Man : Liars League PDX, 'East&West', read by Aundré Barnes
Internet Dating for Immortals : Liars' League HK, 'Hello&GoodBye', read by Christina Colgan 
The Gravedigger : Far Horizons Forever Hungry anthology

How to Build a Mass-Murderer : Murder Mayhem Anthology, FlameTree's Gothic series
Fixed Point & Repeat PerformanceSingular Irregularity Time Travel anthology, Gray Whisper
The Storyteller : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Dreams Podcast, read by Gareth Brierly
SunsetThe New Frontier Anthology from Inkception
HorseHoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses from Sky Warrior Books
Time, the Devourer : A Digital Fiction QuickFic

The Gravedigger : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic (Also in QuickFic Anthology 2)

Bulletproof Papoose: Story Sessions at Brockley Max, June 1st (Author reading)
500 Miles : Liars' League London Planes,Trains&Automobiles, read by Max Berendt
The Giant, Snow-White : Pure Slush tall...ish anthology
Gift Wrapped : Worthing WOW Writing for Children Competition, WINNER
Circle Line : Ghosts Redemption, from James Ward Kirk

Fairy Tail : Pankhearst's Slim Volume 4: See Into The Dark
Tribbulations : Sci-Fest LA's Roswell Award, WINNER, read by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
How the Elephant Fell : 18thWall's Just So Stories

Ana : Quantum Shorts : 2015 WINNER: First Prize, Open Category
Scarecrow & Kingdom : Digital Fiction QuickFic Anthology 1 
Kingdom : Tales to Terrify 220 podcast, read by Devin McLaughlin
Candle : Liars' League London 'Hundreds&Thousands', read by Sarah Feathers
Late : Splickety Flash Fiction online

Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird : Wax & Wane, Witch tales from NoseTouch Press
Mercy Road : Liars' League London 'Justice&Mercy', read by Jim Cogan
Windows : Microfiction for the OpenPen Anthology
Scarecrow : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic
Kingdom : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic
Bob, JustBob: CosmicRoots And Eldritch Shores (Subscription site)
To Be a Hero: DailyScienceFiction

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