Coming soon!
Remembrance Day : Sins and Other Worlds (Kickstarter!)
Repeat Performance : TimeShift, 1st Aug
The What-The Tree : Children of the Sky, Schreyer Ink 1st Aug
Lilith's Daughter : Alternative Theologies, B Cubed Press August
The Tasting Menu : Tales to Terrify
Kubrick's Rube : The Sunlight Press
I, Igor : We Shall Be Monsters, Renaissance Press
Fairy Tail : Fantasy for the Throne, September
Galena : Analog SF

The Hitler Paradox : Martian Magazine, (Author Spotlight)
Guide to the Invisible World : Riddled With Arrows 2.2
Tenth Circle : Unthology 10, Unthank Books
All Our Futures : Daily Science Fiction

Younger : The Writing District May Contest (Winner)
Monstrous Veg : Lycan Valley Press's Death's Garden
Birdman Jack : Anotherealm

Time, The Devourer : Digital Fiction Publishing QuickFic 3
Fine, Finer, Finished : Liars' League Hong Kong, Patrons & Parasites, read by
Robert Loftin

The What-The Tree : Electric Athenaeum For Future Generations

Silent Night : Flame Tree Endless Apocalypse
This Tyrant Crown : Third Flatiron's Monstrosities
Ransom for a Prince Hydra Publications Unsheathed

The Book of Love : Popshot MagazineThe Romance Issue
A Kiss a Day : Liars' League Kiss&Tell, read by Sophie Morris-Sheppard

Easy : Little Blue Marble 2017 (anthology)
Spectrum : Steampunk Universe Alliteration Ink
Submission Mania : The Short Story (Article)
Maze : Centropic Oracle, read by John-Michael Gariepy
The Black Prince : The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol III 

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