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ISBN: 978-1909208360

Happy Ending Not Guaranteed
Publication: 6th April 2017 Arachne Press

Reviews: OpenPen ; Amazon

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27 'Deliciously Twisted' tales of dark fantasy, from
 chess-playing automatons to smooth-talking Celtic faeries;
from the Longitude Act of 1714 to the End of the World
(in fractal form)
Bad Kings, bad demons, and bad days abound.
There is humour even in darkness.
You just have to look harder for it.

Anthologies: 102(+1)

ISBN: 979-8643811442

Nefariam: The Element of Crime
Publication: 26th June 2020

ID Press


Contains Full Moon Blues
ISBN: 978-1733920766

Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses
Publication: 1st June 2020

Third Flatiron

Smashwords, Amazon

Contains Lighter Than Air
ISBN: 978-1925809572

Publication: 23th April 2020

Charity kids anthology in aid of Books in Homes

Black Hare Press

Amazon, Jibbernocky site

Contains Unhappy Endings
ISBN: 979-8612896180

Death's Sting
Publication: 24th February 2020

Rogue Blades Entertainment

Amazon, eBook

Contains The Hungry Castle
ISBN: 978-1676764236

Infinite Possibilities
Publication: 14th February 2020

The 10 shortlisted stories from the TU Dublin Short Story Competition, 2019

Redline Book Festival / TU Dublin

Amazon, eBook

Contains From Two to Infinity
ISBN: 978-1650175348

Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts
Publication: 14th February 2020

Charity anthology raising funds for the Australian bush-fire victims. ALL proceeds donated to the Australian Red Cross

Things in the Well Publications


Contains A Ballet of Blood and Flames
ISBN: 978-1925985047

Clockwork Dragons
Publication: 15th January 2020

Zombie Pirate Publishing


Contains Personal Assistant
ISBN: 978-1925809435

YEAR ONE (Dark Moments 2019)
Publication: 31st December 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains Afterglow, First Time, and Eye of Phone
ISBN: 978-1988293066

Little Blue Marble 2019: Climate in Crisis
Publication: 27th December2019

Little Blue Marble


Contains Dark Moon
ISBN: 978-9811432712

Quantum Shorts: Collected Flash Fiction Inspired by Quantum Physics
Publication: 10th December2019

Quantum Shorts

Contains Ana
ISBN: 978-1999882327

Stories About Penises
Publication: 28th November 2019

Guts Publishing

Direct or Amazon

Contains Better Babies
ISBN: 978-1733082228

Best Indie Speculative Fiction: Vol II
Publication: 25th November 2019

Bards and Sages


Contains X X
ISBN: 978-1909208742

Publication: 21st November 2019

Arachne Press

Direct or Amazon

Contains Departures
ISBN: 978-1970134100

Unreal Vol. 2
Publication: 26th October 2019

Longshot Publishing

Amazon and Amazon Kindle

Contains Flying Lessons
ISBN: 978-1949140095

The Twisted Book Of Shadows
HWA Bram Stoker award nominee, 2019 !
Shirley Jackson Award WINNER!
This is Horror nominee

Publication: 14th October 2019

Twisted Publishing

Amazon and Amazon Kindle

Contains Groomed
ISBN: 978-1694630490

Working Futures:14 Speculative Stories About The Future Of Work
Publication: 29th September 2019

Working Futures

Amazon and Amazon Kindle

Contains The Machine Starts
ISBN: 978-1770532014

Fantastic Trains
Publication: 2nd September 2019



Contains A Ring Around the World
Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts, Volume 2
Publication: 14th August 2019

Smoking Pen Press


Contains Elevenses
ISBN: 978-1949476088

Alternative Apocalypse
Publication: 28th July 2019

B Cubed Press

Amazon, kindle, audible

Contains That's Not My Apocalypse... (Non-fiction)
ISBN: 978-1082094439

Triangulation: Dark Skies
Publication: 23rd July 2019

Parsec Ink

Amazon, kindle,

Contains Stars
ISBN: 978-1925809367

Worlds: Dark Drabbles Book 1
Publication: 25th June 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains Hard Sell

ISBN: 978-1925809145

Angels: Dark Drabbles Book 2
Publication: 23rd July 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains Closure
ISBN: 978-1925809183

Monsters: Dark Drabbles Book 3
Publication: 20th August 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains Cellar Beware
ISBN: 978-1925809244

Beyond: Dark Drabbles Book 4
Publication: 17th Sept 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains Seance
ISBN: 978-1925809268

Unravel: Dark Drabbles Book 5
Publication: 22nd Oct 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains What Remains
ISBN: 978-1925809336

Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles Book 6
Publication: 9th December 2019

Black Hare Press


Contains All Our Futures
ISBN: 978-1925809534

Love: Dark Drabbles Book 7
Publication: 17th March 2020

Black Hare Press


Contains Love and Hope
ISBN: 978-1925809558

Hate: Dark Drabbles Book 8
Publication: 17th March 2020

Black Hare Press


Contains The Hate You Make
ISBN: 978-1925809626

Oceans: Dark Drabbles Book 9
Publication: 14th April 2020

Black Hare Press


Contains New Treasures

Ancients: Dark Drabbles Book 10
Publication: 19th May 2020?

Black Hare Press


Contains The Watcher, the Walker
ISBN: 978-1909208780

Story Cities
Publication: 13th June 2019


Arachne Press

Contains Two Till Four
Insignia Vol 7
Publication: 6th June 2019

Insignia Series


Contains Chiaroscuro
ISBN: 978-1912950188

The Best of British Fantasy 2018
Publication: 21st May 2019

NewCon Press


Contains The Dance of a Thousand Cuts
ISBN: 978-1949476057

Endgame: Alternative Truths III
Publication: 5th May 2019

B Cubed Press

Amazon e-book

Contains All the Prez's Men

Animal Uprising
Publication: 8th April 2019

Nightmare Press

Amazon e-book

Contains Crocopork
ISBN: 978-1798618189

Charity Anthology supporting The Kempe Foundation
Publication: 31st March 2019


Amazon e-book

Contains Happy Families
ISBN: 978-1999575700

Gunsmoke and Dragonfire
Publication: 15th March 2019

Aradia Publishing

Amazon e-book

Contains Pinkerton
ISBN: 978-1-909208-72-8

Publication: 21st March 2019

Arachne Press

Amazon e-book

Contains Under the L

Sins and Other Worlds
Publication: 7th February 2019

Shacklebound Books

Amazon e-book

Contains Remembrance Day

ISBN: 978-1987963410

We Shall Be Monsters
Publication: 28th December 2018

Renaissance Press

Amazon e-book

Contains I, Igor

ISBN: 978-1999825423

City of Stories 2
Publication: 1st November 2018

Spread the Word

Contains Shed

ISBN: 978-1732218963

Terra! Tara! Terror!
Publication: 30th September 2018

Third Flatiron

Contains The Dance of a Thousand Cuts
ISBN: 978-1515423300

Fantasy for the Throne
Publication: 18th September 2018

Fantastic Books

Contains Fairy Tail
ISBN: 978-1719854207

An Anthology of Time Drabbles

Publication: 1st September 2018

Shacklebound Books

Contains No Friendly Drop and Selfish Past
ISBN: 978-0998963426

Alternative Theologies
Publication: 14th August 2018

B Cubed Press

Contains Lilith's Daughters
ISBN: 978-1717786432

Publication: 1st August 2018

Shacklebound Books

Contains Repeat Performance
ISBN: 978-1988853260

Children of the Sky
Publication: 1st August 2018

Schreyer Ink Publishing


Contains The What-The Tree
ISBN: 978-1910061534

Unthology 10
Publication: 2nd July 2018

Unthank Books


Contains Tenth Circle
ISBN: 978-0998748917
Death's Garden
Publication: 8th June 2018

Lycan Valley Press

Contains Monstrous Veg
ISBN: 978-1988863788
QuickFic 3 Anthology
Publication: 18th May 2018

Digital Fiction Publishing

Contains Time, The Devourer
ISBN: 978-1940466682
Publication: 15th March 2018

Hydra Publications

Contains Ransom for a Prince
ISBN: 978-1786647672
Endless Apocalypse
Publication: 9th March 2018

FlameTree Gothic Series , FlameTree

Contains Silent Night

Publication: 10th March 2018

Third FlatIron

Contains This Tyrant Crown
ISBN: 978-1988293011

Little Blue Marble 2017
Publication: 25th January 2018

Little Blue Marble, Direct

Contains Easy
ISBN: 978-198112305

The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol III
Publication: 1st January 2018

Robert N Stephenson, Smashwords

Contains The Black Prince
ISBN: 978-1939840431

Steampunk Universe
Publication: 2nd January 2018

Alliteration Ink

Contains Spectrum
ISBN: 978-1533643087

200 CCs: Year One
Publication: 23rd December 2017

200 CCs

Contains Echoes of New Year

ISBN: 978-1981246342

Whoblique Strategies
Publication: 6th December 2017

Chinbeard Books

Contains 3 "Double Drabbles":
BLT, A Noble Sacrifice and Flat  (9th, 10th and 12th Doctors)

Twilight Madhouse Volume 2
Publication: 1st November 2017

Schreyer Ink Publishing


Contains Muse

ISBN: 978-1999825409

City of Stories
Publication: 1st November 2017

Spread the Word


Contains The Bridge

Stories for Homes Volume 2
Publication: 28th September 2017

Charity Anthology in support of Shelter

Stories for Homes


Contains The Castle at Number 48

ISBN: 978-1515410256

Science Fiction for the Throne
Publication: 18th July 2017

Fantastic Books

Fantastic Books

Contains Candle

ISBN: 978-1910935415

Best of British Science Fiction 2016
Publication: 8th July 2017

NewCon Press


Contains Ana (winner of Quantum Shorts fiction competition)

ISBN: 978-1942450627

Publication: 19th May 2017

WolfSinger Publications

Contains Criminal Class

ISBN: 978-0998963419

Alternative Truths
Publication: 29th April 2017 (#100th day of Trump Presidency)

Alternative Truths is a best-selling anthology featuring 24 of today’s best science fiction writers, taking a forward look into the consequences of our political decisions.

B-Cubed Press

Contains Frozen

Weirdbook Issue #34

Publication: 7th February 2017

Weirdbook Magazine

Contains Beauty Treatment

Fifty Flashes

Publication: 27th January 2017

Whortleberry press

Contains Bad Day

ISBN: 978-0997793642

Mad Scientist Journal Volume 20 (Winter 2017)

Publication: 9th December 2016

Mad Scientist Journal

Contains X X

ISBN: 978-1909208285

Shortest Day Longest Night

Publication: 21st December 2016

Arachne Press

Contains The End of Everything

ISBN: 978-1911497219

Shadows of the Oak

Publication: 13th December 2016

Tenebris Books

Contains The Painted Platform

ISBN: 978-1540336125

A Time Lord for Change

Publication: 20th November 2016

Chinbeard Books

Contains Drabbles for the 9th and 10th Doctors.

ISBN: 978-1909208315

Liberty Tales

Publication: 17th November 2016

Arachne Press

Contains The King's Computer

ISBN: 978-0998086019

Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue 4

Publication: 17th October 2016

EMP Publishing

Contains Romero and Juliet

ISBN: 978-0995464124
Forever Hungry

Publication: 1st September 2016

Far Horizons

Contains The Gravedigger
ISBN: 978-1783619979
Swords & Steam

Publication: 26th September 2016

FlameTree Gothic Series

Contains Spectrum
ISBN: 978-1783619870
Murder Mayhem

Publication: 17th August 2016

FlameTree Gothic Series

Contains How to Build a Mass Murderer
ISBN: 978-1535238960
Singular Irregularity

Publication: 20th July 2016

Gray Whisper Graphics Productions

Contains Fixed Point and Repeat Performance

Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses

Publication: 1st Aug 2016

Sky Warrior Books

Contains Horse

ISBN: 978-1535510110
The New Frontier

Publication: 25th July 2016

Inkception Books


Contains Sunset

ISBN: 978-1927598405
QuickFic 2 Anthology

Publication: 3rd July 2016

Digital Fiction Publishing

Contains The Gravedigger

ISBN: 978-1925101805

Publication: 11th June 2016

Pure Slush


Contains The Giant, Snow-White

ISBN: 978-0692732519
Ghosts Redemption (bundled with Ugly Babies 3!)

Publication: 9th June 2016

James Ward Kirk

Contains Circle Line

ISBN: 978-0692716304
Just So Stories

Publication: 16th May 2016

18th Wall Productions

Contains How the Elephant Fell
ISBN: 978-1533171863
See Into the Dark
Slim Volume 4

Publication: Friday 13th May 2016


Contains Fairy Tail
ISBN: 978-1927598290
QuickFic 1 Anthology

Publication: 6th April 2016

Digital Fiction Publishing

Contains Scarecrow and Kingdom
ISBN: 978-1907536236
Open Pen Anthology

Publication: 10th March 2016

Available from Brick Lane Bookshop,
Foyles, Waterstones and other good London Bookshops

Contains microfiction, Windows
ISBN: 978-1944286033

Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witch Tales

Publication: 2nd March 2016

NoseTouch Press

Contains Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird
ISBN: 978-1943331147

Done Darkness

Publication: 16th December 2015

An anthology about life after sadness

Contains The Weight of the World
ISBN: 978-0692625767
From the Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 2

Publication: 22nd November 2015

18th Wall Productions

Dragons anthology

Contains Tales from the Bullion Bar
ISBN: 978-1311692085

Broken Worlds

Publication: 31st July 2015

A Murder Of Storytellers

Dystopian/Apocalypse science fiction anthology

Contains Seven Ships
Heater Vol.3 No. 6

Publication: 14th July 2015

Fiction Magazines

Crime/Noir e-Magazine

Contains The Anderson Protocol
ISBN: 978-1616030421

Beware the Little White Rabbit

Publication: 14th Apr 2015

Leap Books

YA anthology to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Contains steampunk story, Follow the Steam Rabbit

First Contact Cafe

Publication: 1st Feb 2015

Sky Warrior Books

A shared-world anthology of Sci-Fi

Contains Prime Cut

ISBN: 978-1518891489 


Publication: 25th Jan 2015 (No longer available)

Short stories and poetry on all aspects of love, from writers all around the world. (One for each week of the year)

Contains X X
ISBN: 978-1505292879

No Love Lost (Slim Volume 1)

Publication: 7th Dec 2014


A collection of flash fiction and poetry

Contains The Book Of Love

Zombiefied Reloaded: The Search for More Brains

Publication: 18th Oct 2014

Sky Warrior Books

Anthology of Zombie stories

Contains Elevenses
ISBN: 978-1500710132

Steampunk Trails Vol II

Publication: 1st Aug 2014

Steampunk Trails

A Steampunk Anthology

Contains Horse
ISBN: 978-1310512025

The Martian Wave 2014

Publication: 1st July 2014

Nomadic Delirium Press
Smashwords E-book

An Anthology of Solar system exploration Sci-fi

Contains The Icy Breath of Enceladus
ISBN: 978-0990410409

Of Airships & Automatons: Tales of Steam and Science

Publication: 10th May 2014

Witty Bard Publishing LLC 

An Anthology of steam punk stories

Contains Mechanical (based on the Mechanical Turk)
ISBN: 978-0989026949

O Little Town of Deathlehem

Publication: 25th Dec 2013

Grinning Skull Press 

An Anthology of Holiday Horrors benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Contains Silent Night

In On The Tide

Publication: 30th June 2013

Appletree Writers

A collection of short stories and poems,
with all profits going to Charity (RNLI)

Contains Formby Point
ISBN: 978-1908910387

FEAR: Volume Two

Publication: 3rd October 2012
Crooked Cat Publishing

A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror,
with all royalties going to Charity

Vol II contains Scarecrow

ISBN: 978-1909208001

London Lies

Publication: 8th September 2012
Arachne Press

Anthology of stories previously read at Liars' League,

featuring Rat, and Palio

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