Random Links to VERY good things...

Music Videos
What has the English given us? Sarah-Louise Young
Baby It's Cold Outside Frisky & Mannish
Man Flu Pig With The Face Of A Boy
Just Glue Some Gears On It Reginald Pikedevant
Creep PostModern JukeBox

Great Projects
Ministry Of Stories
Serbian Fairytales
NoSleep Podcast

Great Events
Liars' League, Liars' League NYC, Liars' League HK
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Post-Apocalyptic BookClub (Also on Facebook and Meetup)
RRRants - Storytelling, comedy, music. Not necessarily all at once.

Great Other
Sir, You are Being Hunted : VideoGame "Tweedpunk" - Victorian robots with shotguns!
Mandie Manzano : Stained glass art - Dr Who, Alice in Wonderland, and much more.
Princess Rap Battles : Maleficent vs Daenerys? Snow White vs Elsa? By Whitney Avalon.
PoeParty : The literary dinner to end all literary dinners... 
The Shape of Stories : Kurt Vonnegut's lecture on stories
Michael Manomivibul : Great work from the artist who illustrated my Quantum Shorts story, Ana
Conspiracy Theory Equation : Why most conspiracies must be rubbish.

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