Christmas Ink: Liars League London 'Mistletoe & Wine', read by John de Holland
The Book Of Love : Slim Volume: No Love Lost from Pankhearst
Pathways : Sci-Phi Journal #3 (Available on Amazon)

Seven Ships : Liars League London 'Vice & Virtue', read by Clareine Cronin
The Titanic II : Via Liars League Leeds, read live on East Leeds FM by Matt Lewney (27 mins in)

For the Glory of God : The No Sleep Podcast Episode 11, Series 4
Temp : Havok Magazine 1.4
The 12 O'Clock : Liars League London 'Slash & Burn', read by Silas Hawkins
Ana : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Halloween special read by Gareth Brierley
The Ties That Bind : On QuarterReads - read me for a quarter!
Elevenses : Zombified Reloaded, Sky Warrior Books

Heads Or Tails : Liars' League Leicester 'Young & Foolish', read by Neil May
Rat : Story Sessions Beastly Tales Sept 17th, Cafe of Good Hope (Hither Green)
Underground : Liars League Leeds @ Wakefield Lit fest Sept 22nd
Seven Ships, Blessed are the Geek, Candle : Rrrantanory Little Stories @ Coco, Croxley Green

Horse : Steampunk Trails II
Moth : Far Off Places Issue 5 : Sartorial
Chiaroscuro: Liars' League HK, 'Yin&Yang', read by Sean Hebert
Romero & Juliet : Liars League London at the Wilderness Festival, read by Paul Clarke

The Icy Breath of Enceladus : Nomadic Delirium Press, The Martian Wave 2014
Bless'ed are the GeekLiars League London 'Sons & Daughters', read by Clive Greenwood 
The B is for the Blues : Litro #136 (Music) online
Followers, Following : Liars League HongKong, 'Night&Day', read by Jonathan Nazer
Kingdom : The No Sleep Podcast

Criminal Class : Litreactor "Arrest Us" competition (read, review, and vote!)
The Bridge : Day 3 of Ether's flash fiction competition (Download for free, review and vote!)

Mechanical : WittyBard Publishing, "Of Airships and Automatons: Tales of Steam and Science"
Candle  : 21st May Technician's Story Sessions, Cafe of Good Hope
Romero & Juliet : Fiction Terrifica

Romero & Juliet : Liars League London 'Slings & Arrows', Read by Robert Welling
Elevenses : Open Pen issue eleven
Labyrinth : ExFic
Prime Cut : Are You Sitting Comfortably? 'Sci-Fi' Escape-Pod cast

Moth : VOXEdinburgh V=Mc2 performance event read by JA Sutherland
Prime Cut : Liars' League HK 'Aliens & Earthlings', read by Daniel Jade Levia
The Book of Love, Candle, Prime CutRrrantanory Little Stories @ TheTeaBox
Second Chance : Liars' League Leicester 'Mates & Mistakes'

Hoxton Gladiator Liars' League Leicester 'Blood & Guts', read by Kieron James Attwood

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