Liars' League London
The Welsden Herald Hedge Witch : Romance&Revenge, read by Carrie Cohen
Soul Searching : Love&Lust, read by Keleigh Wolf
A Kiss a Day : Kiss&Tell, read by Sophie Morris-Sheppard
LifePlan : Death&Taxes, read by Carrie Cohen
Tigg Montague's Ponzi Pyramid Scheme : Light&Dark, read by Clive Greenwood
500 Miles : Planes,Trains&Automobiles, read by Max Berendt
Candle : Hundreds&Thousands, read by Sarah Feathers
Mercy Road : Justice&Mercy, read by Jim Cogan
Locked In : Signs&Omens, read by Carrie Cohen
Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird : Accident&Emergency, read by Carrie Cohen
Bulletproof Papoose : Parent&Child, read by Clive Greenwood
Christmas Ink : Mistletoe&Wine, read by John de Holland
Seven Ships : Vice&Virtue, read by Clareine Cronin
The 12 O'Clock : Slash&Burn, read by Silas Hawkins
Bless'ed are the Geek : Sons&Daughters, read by Clive Greenwood
Romero & Juliet : Slings&Arrows, read by Robert Welling
Mr Frost : Snow&Stars, read by Lin Sagovsky
CrossroadsSong&Dance, read by Terence Anderson
Time Travellers Guide : Tourism : Time&Space, read by Carrie Cohen
Feathers : Kiss&Kill, read by Lin Sagovsky
How The Elephant Fell : Might&Right, read by Rachel Spicer
: Fun&Games, read by Paul Clarke
: Here&Now, read by Saul Reichlin
Remembrance Day : Honour&Obey, read by Will Goodhand
The Tasting Menu : Sweet&Sour, read by Lucie Howard
Rat : Sex&The City, read by Silas Hawkins
The King’s Computer : Decline&Fall, read by Ben Crystal
Stalemate : Black&White, read by Freddie Machin
Bob, Justbob : Art&Science, read by Silas Hawkins
He Does Not Know : His&Hers, read by Ben Crystal
Commuters' Tails : Lost&Found, read by Silas Hawkins
How to Build a Mass-Murderer : Fame&Fortune, read by Clive Greenwood

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Liars' League Hong Kong
Fine, Finer, Finished : Patrons & Parasites, read by Robert Loftin
Internet Dating for Immortals : Hello&GoodBye, read by Christina Colgan
After the Rapture : Saved&Damned, read by Aaron Kahn
To Be A Hero : Heroes&Zeroes, read by Saff Chan
Chiaroscuro: Yin&Yang, read by Sean Hebert
Followers, Following : Night&Day, read by Jonathan Nazer
Prime Cut : Aliens&Earthlings, read by Daniel Jade Levia
Reputations : Gay&Straight, read by Daniel Levia
The Ties That Bind : Faith&Fear, read by Daniel Levia
Big Fish : Sink&Swim, read by Daniel Levia
Departures : East&West, read by Alex Milner
Fairy Tail : Fairytales&Nightmares, read by Lara Genovese
Semi-DetachedHe&She, read by Keon Lee. 

Liars' League Leeds
Grim : Ladies&Gentlemen, read by Matthew Lewney
The Titanic II : read live on East Leeds FM by Matt Lewney (27 mins in)
The Cow And Cabbage : Muck&Brass, read by Fred Aarons
Underground : Liars&Thieves, read by Stephen Bellamy
Trouble with Scripture : Toil&Trouble
Silent Night : Peace&Goodwill, read by Frederick Aarons
: Fire&Brimstone, read by Dave Zezulka
Last Blood, First Ink : Blood&Guts
The B is for the Blues
: Rhythm&Blues, read by Richard Smyth

Liars' League Leicester
Heads Or Tails : Young&Foolish, read by Neil May
Second Chance
Hoxton Gladiator : Blood&Guts, read by Kieron James Attwood
The Pleasure of Pain : Sex&Death, read by John Kearns

Liars' League New York
Fixed Point : Invention&Discovery, read by Erika Iverson

Liars' League Portland (PDX)
Last Man : East&West, read by Aundré Barnes, Audio via Literary Arts Archive