Beginnings : Wyldblood Press
Ossuary : Dream of Shadows 4 (Amazon)
Practical Alchemy on a Budget : The Jon Meyers Gothic Prize, (2nd Place)
Useful Weapons : Martian Magazine Drabbles
Monster : Scat to be Poo : Truther Press

The Peculiarity of Two : Gallery of Curiosities
Tourniquet : Murder or Mystery, The London Reader
Swords to Ploughshares, Ploughshares to Swords : 81 Words - 1000 flash fictions
Remembrance Day: Alternative War, B Cubed Press
Indomitable: A Space Opera : Space Force, B Cubed Press
The What-The Tree: Titanic Terastructures, JayHenge Publishing
Lunch Failure : Little Blue Marble Nov
The Doors in the Castle : Daily Science Fiction
The Pamphlets Say : Martian Magazine Drabbles
Ms. Medusa Gorgo, Mrs. Persephone Hades : Antigone Journal, Polite Emails to the Ancients, two Runner ups

The Case of the Third Handyman : Sherlock Holmes: New Adventures in the Realms of HG Wells (Volume II), Belanger Books
Dark Sigil : Stories We Tell After Midnight 3, Crone Girls Press
Last Ride : 99 Tiny Terrors, Pulse Publishing
Circle of Six : Creepy Pod, 31 Days of Horror, (22 mins in)
For Remembrance: US/THEM anthology, WolfSinger Publications
Muse : The Other Stories, 69.5 (Patreon only episode)
Jackpot: And the Dead Shall Sleep No More vampire anthology, Input/Output Enterprises
Cards Against Cosmology : The Lorelei Signal

Parasite : Last Girls Club, Issue 3
Accept All Cookies : Cyber Salon, Future Communities (Video)
Re-Boot: Through Shadows, Quarancon
The Gravedigger : NoSleep Podcast S16E23 - Audio 46 mins in) Narrated by Andy Cresswell and David Ault

Blood Blister : Daily Science Fiction
The First Lesson : Black Hare Press 666
Blank Canvas : Apex Patreon contest, "Explore" theme
Parallel Rooms: Triangulation: Habitats, Parsec Ink
Ouroboros : Starward Shadows
Fixed Point : The Other Stories, 67.4
Happy Families : Popshot Quarterly Family issue
Mano Kanaka : Water: Selkies, Sirens and Sea Monsters Rhonda Parrish elemental anthologies

Lazarus, Unbound : Best of British Science Fiction 2020, NewCon Press
Emergency Broadcast : Black Hare Press Dark Moments Patreon
Variants on a Theme : Defenestrationism Short Story Contest finalist
Greenwich, Noon : Horror for the Throne, Fantastic Books
The Green Gas : Unmasked WordFire Press
Terminus, The Pleasure of Your Company : Trembling with Fear: Year 4, Horror Tree
The Unmaker of Cakes : A Quiet Afternoon 2 , Grace and Victory
Husky : Colloquy , Black Hare Press Dialogue contest
Show Time : Black Hare Press Dark Moments

Can of Worms : Utopia Science Fiction; Vol 2 Issue 6
The Mand : The Common Tongue ; Issue 3
Schrödinger’s Escape Route : National Flash Fiction Day
The Dragon Hunter : Wyldblood Flash
Starborn, Starbirth : Sci Phi Journal
Stars : Space Cowboy Books, Simultaneous Times Podcast

Lighter than Air : Best Vegan SFF of 2020, Metaphorosis Press
Legacy : Twenty-two Twenty-eight
Bad Day : Tales to Survive the Stars, Greenteeth Press

Ash : The Common Tongue Issue 2 (Narration by Carl Walmsley)
The Denham Mark II : The Chorochronos Archives, Jay Henge Publishing
Red : Shallow Waters Vol. 7, Crystal Lake Publishing (Femme Fatale patreon Flash Fiction contest winner)
The Lay-by : Black Hare Press Dark Moments
Palio: Workers Write! Tales from the Changeover

Tea with Superman : Black-eyed Peas on New Year's Day, Shannon Page
The Best of Us : Loft Books Flash Fiction Contest: Winner
Roses : Lost Lore and Legends Breaking Rules Europe

White Goods : Sylvia Magazine
Big Fish : MIR Online Live (Big Fish is 17 minutes in)
The Mortsafe : The Call of the Wyld, Wyldblood Press
Mourning Post : Love Letters to Poe
First Edition : Twilight Tales, LTUE Benefit Anthology, Hemelein Publications
Penny Prince : Tales to Terrify (read by Matt Dovey)
Not From Concentrate : Write Ahead: Volume 13

The Giver : Sending Nudes Guts Publishing

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