Circle of Six : Dream of Shadows Issue 1 (Amazon)
All Our Futures : Apocalypse : Dark Drabbles Vol 6 from Black Hare Press
Ana : Quantum Shorts eBook
Dark Moon : Little Blue Marble 2019 anthology
Afterglow / First Time / Eye of Phone : Dark Moments Year One from Black Hare Press
Better Babies : Stories About Penises, Guts Publishing
Departures : Departures, Arachne Press
Eye of PhoneBlack Hare Press  Dark Moments
X X : Best Indie Speculative Fiction Vol II Bards & Sages
Groomed : Twisted Book of Shadows (Amazon)
Ol' Spooky : HorrorTree Trembling With Fear Halloween 2019 edition
Border Control : The Arcanist
The Machine Starts : Working Futures (Amazon)
Ruin : Harbinger Press
From Two to Infinity : TU Dublin Short Story Competition, SHORTLIST
What Remains : Unravel: Dark Drabbles Vol 5 from Black Hare Press
Flying Lessons : Unreal Vol 2 (Amazon)
Dabbling in the Extremes : GutsPublishing Blog post
Pulse : 101 Words
Seance : Beyond: Dark Drabbles Vol 4 from Black Hare Press
First Time : Black Hare Press  Dark Moments
A Ring Around The WorldFantastic Trains
Last Man : NoSleep Podcast, season 13 episode 8
Elevenses : Smoking Pen Press Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts Vol II
Cellar Beware : Monsters: Dark Drabbles Vol 3 from Black Hare Press
Mirror, Mirror : Mythic 11
Second Chance : Tales to Terrify Episode 395
That's Not My Apocalypse... : Alternative Apocalypse, B Cubed Press
After Glow : Dark Moments,  Black Hare Press
Closure : Angels: Dark Drabbles Vol 2 from Black Hare Press
Stars : Triangulation: Dark Skies, Parsec Ink
Howl's Moving Castle Review : Best of British Fantasy
The Dance of a Thousand Cuts : NewCon Press Best of British Fantasy 2018
Chiaroscuro : Insignia 7
Two Till Four : Story Cities
Hard Sell : Worlds: Dark Drabbles Vol 1 from Black Hare Press
Galena : Analog SF, May/June (Author Q&A)
A Dragon, Sat : Daily Science Fiction
A History of the World in Four Sentences : Daily Science Fiction
All the Prez's Men : Alternative Truths: End Game B Cubed Press
Mortal Engines Review : Best of British Fantasy
The End of Everything : Tales from the Forest
Gift WrappedToasted Cake Podcast
Happy Families: Kindred, TL;DR Press
Crocopork : Animal Uprising! Nightmare Press
Dark Moon : Little Blue Marble
Pinkerton : Gunsmoke and Dragonfire
Under the L : Noon, Arachne Press
Instructions for Attending Sunday’s Anti-Time Travel March : Twist in Time
The Girl in the Novel with Girl in the Title : UEA Suffragette Stories
Soul Searching : Liars' League Love&Lust, read by Keleigh Wolf
Remembrance Day : Sins and Other Worlds Shacklebound Books
Take Heed! : 101 Words
The Dance of a Thousand Cuts : Third Flatiron Podcast! (Plus Author Q&A)


I, Igor : We Shall Be Monsters, Renaissance Press
The Dark : NoSleep Podcast  Season 11 Suddenly Shocking
Cargo : Wells Street Journal
Under the L : Arachne Press Solstice Shorts London Read by Carrie Cohen
Swords To Ploughshares, Ploughshares To Swords : Story 503/1000 at 81 Words
Letting Go : The Relationship Blogger: Heart And Humanity
Shed : City Of Stories 2018, Highly Commended, Tower Hamlets
RealView : The Sunlight Press
The Tasting Menu : Tales to Terrify
Locked In : Weird Mask Zine Zombie issue 
The Dance of a Thousand CutsThird Flatiron's Terra! Tara! Terror!
Kubrick's Rube : The Sunlight Press
Fairy Tail : Fantasy for the Throne Fantastic Books
The Old Ways : 101 Words
No Friendly Drop / Selfish Past (Drabbles) : Chronos, Shacklebound Books
Lilith's Daughters : Alternative Theologies, B Cubed Press
Repeat Performance : TimeShift, Shacklebound Books
The What-The Tree : Children of the Sky, Schreyer Ink
La Luna : Enchanted Conversation
The Hitler Paradox : Martian Magazine, (Author Spotlight)
Guide to the Invisible World : Riddled With Arrows 2.2
Tenth Circle : Unthology 10, Unthank Books
All Our Futures : Daily Science Fiction
Younger : The Writing District May Contest (Winner) (Interview)
Monstrous Veg : Lycan Valley Press's Death's Garden
Birdman Jack : Anotherealm
Time, The Devourer : Digital Fiction Publishing QuickFic 3
Fine, Finer, Finished : Liars' League Hong Kong, Patrons & Parasites, read by
Robert Loftin
The What-The Tree : Electric Athenaeum For Future Generations
Silent Night : Flame Tree Endless Apocalypse
This Tyrant Crown : Third Flatiron's Monstrosities
Ransom for a Prince Hydra Publications Unsheathed
The Book of Love : Popshot MagazineThe Romance Issue
A Kiss a Day : Liars' League Kiss&Tell, read by Sophie Morris-Sheppard
Easy : Little Blue Marble 2017 (anthology)
Spectrum : Steampunk Universe Alliteration Ink
Submission Mania : The Short Story (Article)
Maze : Centropic Oracle, read by John-Michael Gariepy
The Black Prince : The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol III


3x Dr Who Droubles : Whoblique Strategies
Bring Rope : Tales to Terrify (Audio)
Mary Berry's Festive Handjob : Open Pen Christmas
Million Years Past, Million Years Future : Quantum Shorts 2017
Muse : Twilight Madhouse 2, Schreyer Ink Publishing
The Bridge : Spread the Word's City of Stories
Pathways : Astounding Outpost Neural Nets, Uplinks, and Wetware
Greenwich, Noon : NoSleep Podcast, Suddenly Shocking Series 7 (bonus for Season 9 subscribers!)
Seven Years : The Short Story (TSS) Publishing
The King's Computer : Liberty Tales, Shoreham by Sea Wordfest
LifePlan : Liars' League "Death & Taxes", Read by Carrie Cohen
Easy : Little Blue Marble
The Storyteller : Riddled with Arrows, Halloween issue
Locked In : Astounding Outpost Zombie Tales
The Castle at No. 48 : Stories for Homes 2, anthology in aid of Shelter
Feathers : Waterstones Islington, with London Writers' Eclective Present
Crossroads : Archway with Words, 28th Sept
Tourniquet : Mystery Weekly (sample)
The Icy Breath of Enceladus : CosmicRoots And Eldritch Shores
Ana : Best of British Science Fiction 2016, NewCon Press
Festival of Lights : Source: Summer 2017
Candle : Science Fiction for the Throne, Fantastic Books
Welcome : Daily Science Fiction
Mechanical : Gallery of Curiosities Podcast
Welcome : Are You Sitting Comfortably? The Future
Render unto Caesar : Fundead Publications Blog
Remember : 365 Tomorrows
Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird & More : Tea Shop Tales
Criminal Class : WolfSinger Publications, Incarceration Anthology
Internet Dating for Immortals / Bad Day : Story Sessions Fantastic Tales
Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed : My solo-author collection of 27 twisted fantasy tales, from Arachne Press
Remembrance Day : Digital Fiction Publishing QuickFic
BookShowOff : Waterstones Tottenham Court Road - "Short Story Economics"
Frozen : Alternative Truths Anthology, B-Cubed Press - #1 Amazon.com Sci-Fi Anthology!
Time the Devourer : Centropic Oracle, read by Thea Killen-Smith
I, Igor : Story Sessions - Stories ReTold

Labyrinth : Riddled With Arrows
Internet Dating for Immortals : Bookanista
Bad Day : Fifty Flashes Whortleberry press
Beauty Treatment : Weirdbook Issue #34
X X : Mad Scientist Journal Issue 20
Elevenses : Digital Fiction Publishing QuickFic
Sounds & Whispers : Spelk Fiction
The End of Everything : Arachne Press Shortest Day, Longest Night anthology author readings (about 9 minutes in)


Echoes of New Year : 200cc (Dec 31st)
The End of Everything : Arachne Press Shortest Day, Longest Night anthology
Tigg Montague's Ponzi Pyramid Scheme : Liars' League Light & Dark, read by Clive Greenwood
Last Man (Recording) : from Liars League PDX, 'East&West', read by Aundré Barnes and broadcast by Literary Arts
MuseBlyant Publishing, BLÆKK Issue 3 (Solitude), with Author reading
The Painted Platform : Shadows of the Oak, Tenebris Books
I, Igor : Gallery of Curiosities Podcast
The Burden : Roane Publishing Flash Fridays
The King's Computer : Arachne Press Liberty Tales anthology (with author readings)
Stalemate : The Story Sessions, Brockley Deli Author reading
Dr Who Drabbles : A TimeLord for Change charity anthology, from Chinbeard Books
Sicko : The Masters Review Micro Ghost Stories
ChiaroscuroFirewords Quarterly issue 7 'Light&Dark'
Seven Ships : A Digital Fiction QuickFic
Born to Ruin : Olympic Drabble on ShortTale Review
Romero & Juliet : Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue 4 (Amazon)
Bring RopeOn The Premises 'Darkness' contest (2nd Place!)
Gean Cánach : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Monsters,  read by Bernadette Russell
Time Trial : CosmicRoots And Eldritch Shores (Subscription site)
Spectrum : Swords&Steam anthology, FlameTree's Gothic series
Scarecrow : Blyant Publishing BLÆKK Issue 2 (Fear)
Last Man : Liars League PDX, 'East&West', read by Aundré Barnes
Internet Dating for Immortals : Liars' League HK, 'Hello&GoodBye', read by Christina Colgan 
The Gravedigger : Far Horizons Forever Hungry anthology
How to Build a Mass-Murderer : Murder Mayhem Anthology, FlameTree's Gothic series
Fixed Point & Repeat PerformanceSingular Irregularity Time Travel anthology, Gray Whisper
The Storyteller : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Dreams Podcast, read by Gareth Brierly
SunsetThe New Frontier Anthology from Inkception
HorseHoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses from Sky Warrior Books
Time, the Devourer : A Digital Fiction QuickFic
The Gravedigger : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic (Also in QuickFic Anthology 2)
Bulletproof Papoose: Story Sessions at Brockley Max, June 1st (Author reading)
500 Miles : Liars' League London Planes,Trains&Automobiles, read by Max Berendt
The Giant, Snow-White : Pure Slush tall...ish anthology
Gift Wrapped : Worthing WOW Writing for Children Competition, WINNER
Circle Line : Ghosts Redemption, from James Ward Kirk
Fairy Tail : Pankhearst's Slim Volume 4: See Into The Dark
Tribbulations : Sci-Fest LA's Roswell Award, WINNER, read by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
How the Elephant Fell : 18thWall's Just So Stories
Ana : Quantum Shorts : 2015 WINNER: First Prize, Open Category
Scarecrow & Kingdom : Digital Fiction QuickFic Anthology 1 
Kingdom : Tales to Terrify 220 podcast, read by Devin McLaughlin
Candle : Liars' League London 'Hundreds&Thousands', read by Sarah Feathers
Late : Splickety Flash Fiction online
Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird : Wax & Wane, Witch tales from NoseTouch Press
Mercy Road : Liars' League London 'Justice&Mercy', read by Jim Cogan
Windows : Microfiction for the OpenPen Anthology
Scarecrow : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic
Kingdom : A Digital Fiction  QuickFic 
Bob, JustBob: CosmicRoots And Eldritch Shores (Subscription site)
To Be a Hero: DailyScienceFiction


Circle Line : Are You Sitting Comfortably? GHOSTS, Toynbee Studios, 4th Dec
Fishin' for Keys : The Casket of Fictional Delights Audio by Kieran Phoenix Chantrey
Ana : Wandsworth Radio, Blackshaw Arts Hour, (Recording from Blackshaw Scare Slam)
Silent Night : NoSleep Podcast Season 6 Christmas Episode 13
The Weight of the World : Done Darkness Anthology
Tales from the Bullion Bar : 18thWall Productions, From the Dragon Lord's Library: Volume 2
Elevenses : Open Pen online
Ana : Blackshaw Scare Slam
Locked InLiars League London 'Signs&Omens', read by Carrie Cohen
After the Rapture : Liars' League HK 'Saved & Damned', read by Aaron Kahn
Big Fish, How the Elephant Fell : Rrrantanory Little Stories @ TheTeaBox
Miscellaneous, Spooky, Weird : Liars League London 'Accident&Emergency', read by Carrie Cohen
Seven Ships : Broken Worlds Anthology from A Murder Of Storytellers
The Ogre's Tavern : Fighting Fantasy game for Liars League London 'Dungeons&Dragons' event
The Anderson Protocol : FictionMagazines' HeaterVol 3, No 6
The King's Computer : Liberty Tales 800th Anniv. of Magna Cart @ West Greenwich Library
Bulletproof Papoose : Liars League London 'Parent & Child', read by Clive Greenwood
To Be A Hero : Liars' League HK 'Heroes & Zeroes', read by Saff Chan
Followers, Following : Pure Slush, Procrastination
The Black Bull : SQ Mag Edition 20: Fables, fairytales and folklore
RN2399/2037 : Sci-Fest LA Roswell Award Finalist, read by Armin Shimerman
Follow The Steam Rabbit : Leap Books Beware the Little White Rabbit #Alice150
Hoxton Gladiator : Bizarrocast Ep52 , story starts at around 24 mins in.
Scarecrow : NoSleep Podcast (S5E04) read by David Ault, illustrated by Łukasz Godlewski
GrimLiars' League Leeds 'Ladies & Gentlemen', read by Matthew Lewney
Prime Cut  : First Contact Cafe from Sky Warrior Books
Wake : Faber Academy Quick Fic runner up
Drink MeAre You Sitting Comfortably? Alice in Wonderland special, read by Author
A Space Opera : My Feghoot, up on QuarterReads (defunct)
X X : 52:Loves published by Yolanda Christian


Christmas Ink: Liars League London 'Mistletoe & Wine', read by John de Holland
The Book Of Love : Slim Volume: No Love Lost from Pankhearst
Pathways : Sci-Phi Journal #3 (Available on Amazon)
Seven Ships : Liars League London 'Vice & Virtue', read by Clareine Cronin
The Titanic II : Via Liars League Leeds, read live on East Leeds FM by Matt Lewney (27 mins in)
For the Glory of God : The No Sleep Podcast Episode 11, Series 4
Temp : Havok Magazine 1.4
The 12 O'Clock : Liars League London 'Slash & Burn', read by Silas Hawkins
Ana : Are You Sitting Comfortably? Halloween special read by Gareth Brierley
The Ties That Bind : On QuarterReads - read me for a quarter!
Elevenses : Zombified Reloaded, Sky Warrior Books
Heads Or Tails : Liars' League Leicester 'Young & Foolish', read by Neil May
Rat : Story Sessions Beastly Tales Sept 17th, Cafe of Good Hope (Hither Green)
Underground : Liars League Leeds @ Wakefield Lit fest Sept 22nd
Seven Ships, Blessed are the Geek, Candle : Rrrantanory Little Stories @ Coco, Croxley Green
Horse : Steampunk Trails II
Moth : Far Off Places Issue 5 : Sartorial
Chiaroscuro: Liars' League HK, 'Yin&Yang', read by Sean Hebert
Romero & Juliet : Liars League London at the Wilderness Festival, read by Paul Clarke
The Icy Breath of Enceladus : Nomadic Delirium Press, The Martian Wave 2014
Bless'ed are the GeekLiars League London 'Sons & Daughters', read by Clive Greenwood 
The B is for the Blues : Litro #136 (Music) online
Followers, Following : Liars League HongKong, 'Night&Day', read by Jonathan Nazer
Kingdom : The No Sleep Podcast
Criminal Class : Litreactor "Arrest Us" competition (read, review, and vote!)
The Bridge : Day 3 of Ether's flash fiction competition (Download for free, review and vote!)
Mechanical : WittyBard Publishing, "Of Airships and Automatons: Tales of Steam and Science"
Candle  : 21st May Technician's Story Sessions, Cafe of Good Hope
Romero & Juliet : Fiction Terrifica
Romero & Juliet : Liars League London 'Slings & Arrows', Read by Robert Welling
Elevenses : Open Pen issue eleven
Labyrinth : ExFic
Prime Cut : Are You Sitting Comfortably? 'Sci-Fi' Escape-Pod cast
Moth : VOXEdinburgh V=Mc2 performance event read by JA Sutherland
Prime Cut : Liars' League HK 'Aliens & Earthlings', read by Daniel Jade Levia
The Book of Love, Candle, Prime CutRrrantanory Little Stories @ TheTeaBox
Second Chance : Liars' League Leicester 'Mates & Mistakes'
Hoxton Gladiator Liars' League Leicester 'Blood & Guts', read by Kieron James Attwood

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