Mr Frost : December Liars League London 'Snow&Stars', Read by Lin Sagovsky
Silent Night : December O Little Town Of Deathlehem : Grinning Skull's Christmas horror anthology
Ten FAQ After Death : November's PapirMass's Art/Literature magazine - Author Interview
The Book : November Open Pen Microfiction
Remembrance Day : November Author reading, Arachne Press's 'Armistice Tales', The Ivy House
Candle : November Are You Sitting Comfortably?'s 5th Birthday event
The Pleasure of Pain : October Liars' League Leicester 'Sex & Death'
Big Fish : September Open Pen Live event, read by Author
Reputations : September Liars' League HK Gay & Straight, read by Daniel Levia
Big Fish : August Open Pen : Issue 9
P.S.N.F : August .Cent Magazine "Fusion" theme.
Sunset : August Inkception Books "The New Frontier" anthology (to follow), Second place prose!
The Ties That Bind : August Liars' League HK Faith & Fear, read by Daniel Levia
Formby Point  : July "In On The Tide" RNLI Charity book, by Appletree Writers 
Cargo : July Raging Aardvark / Ether Twisted Tales 2013 competition
Countdown : July theredline Issue 4 : Time (Voted Second!)
Departures, Time Travellers Guide : July Read by Author for Oxjam Dalston at Tipsy Bar
Fixed Point : June Liars' League NYC Invention & Discovery, read by Erika Iverson
Departures, Semi-Detached, Time Travellers Guide : June  Rrrantanory Little stories @ The TeaBox, Richmond
For The Glory Of God  : June Dark Fountain Journal Issue 3
Out : June DoorDitch flash fiction
Departures  : June EtherBooks "Journeys" Competition, for smartphone users. (Slightly shorter than LL HK Version to fit wordcount!)
Big Fish : May Liars' League HK Sink & Swim, read by Daniel Levia
Liars' League Blog I , II and III : May Behind the Scenes Of Man & Machine, for Arachne Press
Departures : April Liars League HK East & West, read by Alex Milner
Fairy Tail : March Liars League HK Fairytales and Nightmares, read by Lara Genovese
Xenophobe : March LitReactor Sci-Fi Writing challenge
Maze, and The Time Travellers Guide : Chapter 7 - Tourism : March Rrrantanory Little stories @ Coco, Croxley
Crossroads : March Liars League London Song & Dance, read by Terence Anderson
Maze : March Barbican Brains Showoff! (As previously published on LabLit with a few child-friendly edits!)
Semi-Detached : February Liars League HK He & She Inaugural event, read by Keon Lee. 
I Met A Girl : February DoorDitch flash fiction
After The Rapture : February Are You Sitting Comfortably?  Apocalypse PodCast (First story up)
Diamond Bright : January Synaesthesia Literary e-magazine's first issue! (p18)


Fishin' for Keys, Feathers, FairyTail, Silent night : December Rrrantanory's Little (xmas) Stories with Paul Eccentric
FairyTail : November Are you Sitting Comfortably?
The Palace of Unearthly Delights (Excerpt) : November http://www.doorditch.co.uk 
Scarecrow : October FEAR Anthology from Crooked Cat Publishing, proceeds to charity! (See Books)
Rat and Palio : September London Lies Anthology by Arachne Press! (See Books)
Maze : August Lab Lit
The Cow And Cabbage : July Liars' League Leeds "Muck&Brass", read by Fred Aarons
Underground : May Liars' League Leeds "Liars&Thieves", read by Stephen Bellamy
Excerpt from The Time Travellers Guide : Chapter 7, Tourism : May Liars' League "Time&Space", Read by Carrie Cohen
Schrodingers' Universe : May ScienceShowoff #8 :  Performed by Author
Maze : April StoryTails, Read by Author
Kingdom : April StimulusRespond, "Captive", Page 76
Trouble with Scripture : March Liars' League Leeds "Toil&Trouble"
Feathers : February Liars' League "Kiss&Kill", Read by Lin Sagovsky
Titanic II : February Liars' League Leeds, Sedbergh Literary Festival
The Black Bull : January StoryTails, read by Author
Crocopork : January Post Apocalyptic Book Club "End it!", read by Author


Silent Night : December Liars' League Leeds "Peace&Goodwill", read by Frederick Aarons
How The Elephant Fell
: November Liars' League "Might&Right", read by Rachel Spicer
: November Liars' League Leeds "Fire&Brimstone", read by Dave Zezulka
Last Blood, First Ink : October Liars' League Leeds "Blood&Guts"
The Palace of Unearthly Delights
: September Storytails, read by Author
The B is for the Blues
: August Liars' League Leeds "Rhythm&Blues", read by Richard Smyth
: July StoryTails, read by Author
: April Liars' League "Fun&Games", Read by Paul Clarke
Letter To Self
: April Litro#105 "Science" Spoken  Word, read by Author
Heads Or Tails
: March StoryTails, read by Author
Time, The Devourer
: March Litro#104 "History" Page 36


Second Chance : October StoryTails, Read by Author
Sunset : August Liars' League "Here&Now", Read by Saul Reichlin
Remembrance Day : July Liars' League "Honour&Obey", Read by Will Goodhand
The Tasting Menu : March Liars' League "Sweet&Sour", Read by Lucie Howard


Rat : November Liars' League "Sex&The City", Read by Silas Hawkins
The King’s Computer : September Liars' League "Decline&Fall", Read by Ben Crystal
Stalemate : August Liars' League "Black&White", Read by Freddie Machin
Bob, Justbob : March Liars' League "Art&Science", Read by Silas Hawkins
He Does Not Know : February Liars' League "His&Hers", Read by Ben Crystal


Commuters' Tails : December Liars' League "Lost&Found", Read by Silas Hawkins
How to Build a Mass-Murderer : June Liars' League "Fame&Fortune", Read by Clive Greenwood