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A Sheep, in Wolf's Clothing : Issue 5: Emergence The Seelie Crow
Last Orders : (TBA), June 16th
Changing of the Guard : The Devil Who Loves Me, Grendel Press, June 23rd
Approximate Human : Martian Magazine, Online: Jun 26th, Issue 9: Jun 9th
Last Bite at the Klondike : Best of British Science Fiction 2022 : NewCon Press, July 25th
Always Night : The Fabulist Aug 25th
Umbrella Men : Solar Flare, Zombies Need Brains, August
Chiaroscuro : Tattoo, Guts Publishing Sept
The Franklin Clearance : Tales to Terrify, haunted house series
Merry-Go-Round : Bullet Points
Love, and Other Distractions : Issue 6: Depths The Seelie Crow
Groomed : Creepy Pod October
Spooned : Madame President, B Cubed Press
The Vanishing Village : WyldBlood
Queen Memora : 99 Fleeting Fantasies, Pulse Publishing 4th Q 2023
Spawn : The Last Girls Club, Fall 23
Fighting Fire : (TBA)
The Peculiar Case of the Six Day Fog : (TBA)
Quarry : (TBA)
Emergency Supplies : Baen Books, Space Force
The Best of Us : (TBA)
Man from Mars : (TBA)

Seven Ships : Nonbinary Review, Issue 32 - Epic Fail

Fifteen : Black Hare Press, Patreon (Pirates)
Carrion : Dread Space 2, Shacklebound Press
A Personal Anthology : (A Personal Anthology)
The Reality Star of Relativity : Metastellar
The Chamber of the All-Seeing Eye : NoSleep Podcast, S19E15, read by David Ault & co
Feeding Time : Black Hare Press Patreon (Killer Penguins)
Counting Backwards : Gargantua, Air and Nothingness Press
The Coffin : Martian Drabbles Issue 8, The Martian Magazine

Practical Alchemy on a Budget : The Dark Sire, Issue 11
The Pits : Run, Rabbit, Run Black Hare Press Dark Drabbles series
The Eyes : Black Hare Press Dark Moments, Anime Theme
Stained : Black Hare Press Patreon

High Pasture : Wyngraf, Issue 3
La Luna : Moon: The Book of Lunar Horror, WMB SaltWorks
In No-Space, Nobody... : Out the Airlock Drabble Harvest #8, Hiraeth Publishing

How Christmas Stole My Love : Love Me, Love Me Not, Black Hare Press

Penny Prince : Hidden Realms Flame Tree Gothic
Hot Potato : Patreon, Amazing Stories
Multiple Drabbles : Year 4, Black Hare Press
Excerpts from the User Guide for the SynaTech-3411 3D Bio-Printer : Nature Futures