Saturday, 18 March 2017

I'm very proud to announce my first book!

Happy Ending Not Guaranteed

ISBN: 978-1909208360 Arachne Press /
Available in Paperback and e-Book

Publication & Launch : 6th April 2017

27 'Deliciously Twisted' tales of dark fantasy,
from chess-playing automatons to smooth-talking Celtic faeries;
from the Longitude Act of 1714 to the End of the World
(in fractal form)

Bad Kings, bad demons, and bad days abound.
There is humour even in darkness.
You just have to look harder for it.


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  2. Dear Liam Hogan,

    I just finished reading your short story "The B is for the Blues." For me it is perfection. I have published two novels and a few short stories, still have a long way to go to master the genre.

    I have fared better with my poetry which is more word play than
    poems. It was because of my poem in Worker's Write! that I had the opportunity to read your story. The text of my poem is drab. Most people will miss the fact each line begins with the tonal equivalent of a musical scale.

    Thanks for writing a story that has a real ending, happy or otherwise. I am tired of reading short stories that are character studies. Net-net, I'm going to buy your book.