Raw Materials : (Audio) NoSleep Podcast Season 15 Episode 17
Raw Materials : (Print) Santa Claws is Coming to Deathlehem : Grinning Skull
Legs of the Dead : Slashertorte, Sliced Up Press
Xenophobe : Again, Hazardous Imaginings, Monstracity Press
Necronomiromcom : Daily Science Fiction
Last Supper : Horrific Holiday Edition Death Throes Webzine
Star Little, Twinkle Twinkle : Stargazing: Short Stories for Galactic Drifters, AESciFi
Six Coins : Curiosities #8 (Print anthology) Gallery Of Curiosities

Amy's Game : 34 Orchard
Lazarus, Unbound : Analog November/December 2020
The Short Thread : Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight
A Dragon, Sat : Best Indie Speculative Fiction Vol 3, Bards and Sages
Time Trial : The Trouble with Time Travel; Smoking Pen Press

Seek, Don't Hide : Stories We Tell After Midnight II, Crone Girl Press
Render Unto Caesar : Lockdown Horror #3 from Black Hare Press

The Unmaker of Cakes : Toasted Cake narrated by Tina Connolly
Plastic People : Cyber Smut, Guts Publishing
Cuckoo : Shadowy Natures, AMInk Publishing
Muse : Lockdown SciFi #2 from Black Hare Press
The End of Everything : Centropic Oracle, read by Evan Rein
Drowning : Trickster's Treats #4 (Coming, Buried or Not!), Things in the Well

Warnings : Parsec Ink Triangulation: Extinction
Glow Worm : Kyanite Press, Vol II, Issue 4, Visions of War
Please, Sir : Rejection Letters
The Watcher, the Walker : Ancients : Dark Drabbles Vol 10 from Black Hare Press

Galena : Best of British Science Fiction 2019, NewCon Press
Stalemate : The Other Stories Podcast, 54. 4, read by Justin Fife

Lighter Than Air : Third Flatiron Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses
The Pamphlets Say : Daily Science Fiction
Full Moon Blues : ID Press Nefariam: The Elements of Crime

A Dragon, Sat : Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (reading by author!)
Terminus : Trembling With Fear drabble

Eight, to the Eighth : Cast of Wonders narrated by Charvy Narain
Unhappy Endings : Jibbernocky  Black Hare Press
Nothing There : Runner up, Maura Yzmore's Quarantine Quanta Contest
The Uploaded: Flame Tree Press Newsletter 19 Sci-Fi winner, "Hive Minds"
New Treasures : Oceans : Dark Drabbles Vol 9 from Black Hare Press
The King's Computer : Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores
The Pleasure of Your Company : Horrortree Trembling with Fear

Six Coins : Gallery of Curiosities
Love and Hope : Love : Dark Drabbles Vol 7 from Black Hare Press
The Hate You Make : Hate : Dark Drabbles Vol 8 from Black Hare Press

The Hungry Castle : Death's Sting, Rogue Blades Entertainment
A Ballet of Blood and Flames : Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, Things in the Well
From Two to Infinity : Infinite Possibilities, Redline Book Festival, TU Dublin

That's Not My Apocalypse : Alternative Apocalypse audio version, narrated by Stefan Rudnicki
Personal Assistant : Clockwork Dragons, Zombie Pirate Publishing
Schrödinger’s Escape Route : Quantum Shorts Contest

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