Last Supper : Twas the Fright Before Christmas in Deathlehem (Deathlehem 2022), Grinning Skull Press
Bokrug and the Boy : LOLCraft, The Dragon's Roost Press
Evolution of an Apocalypse : Black Hare Press, Patreon
Geras, Unbound : TwentyTwo-TwentyEight
Magic and Steel : For the Good of the Realm, Lagrange Books

Doors to Manual : A.I. Black Hare Press, Dark Moments
Time Wasters : Martian Magazine Drabbles Issue 7
Tête de Bois : Trees, Jersey Pines Ink
Möbius Trip : Planetside: SciFi Drabbles, ShackleBound Books
Crewed : Shipwrecked Black Hare Press, Dark Moments
Eight, to the Eighth : Paradoxical Pets Word Balloon Books
Greenwich, Noon : The Dire Dark, ShackleBound Books

A Ballet of Blood and Flames : And the Dead Shall Sleep No More Volume II Input/Output Enterprises
Judgment Day : Post ROE Alternatives-Fighting Back B Cubed Press
Dyed : Black Hare Press: Killer Flamingoes Dark Moments Patreon
Helianthus : Little Blue Marble (2022 collection)
Turning Turtle: Troopers #1, ShackleBound Books
Stationary, Narrated by Penny Scott-Andrews, NoSleep Podcast S18 E14
Compost Mentis : Nom Nom: Halloween Dark Drabbles, Black Hare Press

Instructions to my Past Self : Black Hare Press 100 Ways to Stop a Zombie Apocalypse
Accept All Cookies : 22 Ideas About The Future, Cyber Salon
Swimming Lessons : Haven Spec
Fox haiku : Hidden Words Writing Competition (Harringey Arts Festival), 2nd place
Approximate Human : Flash in a Flash
Cut and Thrust : Cosmic Horror Monthly #27

Graduation Day, Friend Ship : Martian Magazine Drabbles Issue 6
A Ring Around the World : Phantasmical Contraptions, JayHenge Publishing
Silent Night : Alternative Holidays, B Cubed Press
Instructions for Attending Sunday’s Anti-Time Travel March : The Protest Diaries, B Cubed Press

(Assorted Drabbles) : Dystopia Drabble Showcase II, ShackleBound Books
Eurydice in the Rearview : Orpheus + Eurydice Unbound, Air and Nothingness Press
Hoxton Gladiator : Another Dimension, Smoking Pen Press
Last Bite at the Klondike : After the Gold Rush Third Flatiron
Juiced : Triangulation: Energy, Parsec Ink
The What-The Tree : Rockets and Robots Word Balloon Books
Hashtag : UFOs Issue, The London Reader
The Real Thing : Wyrms (Dragon Drabbles), ShackleBound Books

Bite Size : Havok Fantasy Friday, Macro & Micro (Subscription required)
Attrition : Grimdark, Tiny Tales of terror #2 Black Hare Press
Entangled : Books Ireland
Carrion : Black Hare Press Patreon
Head Start : Dread Space, ShackleBound Books
Sculptress : National Flash Fiction Day
Stinkpit : Pseudopod Eps 815, Narrated by Ant Bacon (CW: Animal death and cruelty)
The Ten Most Common Trickster Scams : Daily Science Fiction
Gods of Order and Chaos : The Sunlight Press
Afterglow, The Hunt, If... : DrabbleDark II ShackleBound Books

Visiting Time : Carr Webber Memorial Prize, 2021, runner up.
Ancestree : Martian Magazine Drabbles Issue 5
The Backup : The Gravity Award Finalist, Center Field of Gravity
Apotropaia : The Gargoylicon, Mind's Eye Publications
Cargo : London Lost, The London Reader
A.I.O.U : Martian Magazine Drabbles

All the Heroes: Strange Wars, TdotSpec
Up Sticks : Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores
Musical Souls : Spirit Machine, Air and Nothingness Press
Prime Cut : Grandpa's Deep-Space Diner, JayHenge
Survey : Black Hare Press, (Patreon Drabble)
A Baker Street Dozen : On The Premises
The Ghastly Tale of Princess Lamia : Daily Science Fiction
Freight Night : Loft Books III
The B Is for the Blues : Tales from the Key of C : Workers Write Journal
(Assorted Drabbles) : Martian: Year 1
Hell's Falls : Harvey Duckman: Volume 9
RealView : Simultaneous Times, Space Cowboy Books, read by Jean-Paul Garnier and Robin Rose Graves
The Pleasure of Pain : The Other Stories, read by Jimmy Horrors
Cull : Dark Moments Black Hare Press, Animal Farm
Superman : The Dread Machine 2.2 (Or by subscription)
AIOU : Martian: Issue 4

The Last War : Punk, Tiny Tales of Terror #1 Black Hare Press
House of Ink and Blood : Unbreakable Ink 2, Indomitable Ink
Haar : Twenty-two Twenty-eight
In the Devil's Footsteps : Dark Moon Books, Horror Library VII
Useful Weapons : Martian: Issue 3

GraniteMan and MicroGirl : Intrinsick
Odd Love Notes : Riddled with Arrows 5.1
A Kiss a Day : Breathless, TL:DR Press
The Welsden Herald Hedge Witch : Liars' League Romance & Revenge
Pinkerton : Runs Like Clockwork, Wyldblood Press
Ghost Town : Reflex Press
Space Unicorns and Magic Ovens : Daily Science Fiction

3 Drabbles : Black Hare Press, Dark Moments Year 3
Nightmares at the Circus : Black Hare Press Dark Moments
Pest : SFS Stories, Issue 7
The Magpie of Superstitions : Contrary Magazine
Double Vision : Crow Toes Quarterly
Bow to the Sun : Solarpunk Magazine

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